Breastfeeding News: Women’s Stories

Every week I spend a lot of time reading breastfeeding related news releases…most end up being oddities – breast milk ice cream or cheese (speaking of…there’s a new art exhibit in Manhattan next weekend…), genetically engineered cows, etc… you know, the weird stuff that makes most folks cringe a little and wonder who would really ever think that up in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly fun, but at times it makes breastfeeding seem like such an oddity…

But every once and a while, you come across a real gem (in a major news source no less!!) a story that ends well.  What I like so much about Elizabeth Cohen’s “Desperate breastfeeding moms reveal secrets” article, is that it talks plainly about women’s experiences with breastfeeding:  the difficulties and joys, the sleepless nights, the problems, and the need that women have to be supported (and to get good, accurate advice!).  It doesn’t skirt the tough issues, but it also shows the amazing resolve that women have, and the joy and closeness that they get from breastfeeding.  And it shows how important it is to know that you’re not alone.  As one mom, Laura Wellington, writes: “I think the biggest relief that made all the difference in my continuing was knowing I wasn’t alone.”